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The healthy Fish Dog Snack

Fish is considered a "coronation of food" - maybe not for gourmets, but at nutritionists. It is precisely the fish provides the nutrients your four-legged needs and can you also protect dogs against brain diseases.

Fish makes more intellig

Especially the dog brain, composed itself to more than 60% of fat-containing structures, can quickly integrate DHA. This improves the processes in the brain. DHA works as a kind of lubricating oil for the nerve impulses to the brain cells in the dog. Information flows better and faster – Fish is just the smarter meat.

Fish pleasure is: enjoy protein without fat

Cod, as well as plaice and saithe are very low in fat. But they can deliver our four-legged friends much iodine. All of these fish are rich in protein. If the dog gets additionally more vegetables (for example, Tubelinos - Sweet Potato), you're improving the quality of the protein. The dog's body takes on sufficient protein to form amino acids and hormones in large numbers.

Fish provides phytochemicals

Unlike humans, the fish ingests his food raw so it's supplied sufficiently with vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and omega-3 fatty acid. If your dog eats our Fjordie specialties every now and then, for example in the form of plaice or cod skin, he will get benefited from the healthy lifestyle by eating fish. Unbelievable but true: With fish we can provide even dogs with phytochemicals. The fact that the fish eaten algae, it also provides these protective substances for the dog's body.

Fish keeps awake

The thyroid gland of the dog is responsible that the dog is energetic and full of life energy. In the dog thyroid, hormones are compiled out of iodine and tyrosine, which ensure that energy production is stimulated in the cells. Is the dog missing iodine, it has less energy and poor a concentration.

Fish prevents dementia

Fatty fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the Omega-3 fatty acid keeps the blood vessels of the dog clean and elastic. They prevent premature calcification and thus are a fountain of youth.

Omega -3 fatty acids have what it takes

Fish the best natural supplier for the valuable Omega-3 fatty acid. These unsaturated fats are multiple very healthy, protect the dog against infection and prior cardiovascular disease. They strengthen the immune system of the dog and its brain function. The dog's body needs it, but can not manufacture them itself.

Fish makes you mentally fit and productive

Tyrosine, the amino acid contained in fish, is considered stimulants nature. It helps the dog to concentrate. In addition,it keeps the dog fit and powerful.

Fjorties - Plaice Fillet

Noble plaice fillet, gently dried boneless, is the ideal chew and Omega 3 supplier for between meals or as a reward.

Fjorties - Cod Snack (Small, Large & Rolls)

100% cod, natural dried. A tasty Chew stick of Larsson, suitable for all age groups, as a healthy reward or small healthy snack to go.

The rough surface contributes to the cleaning of the teeth at and so support the dental health of your dog. The biting , chewing and gnawing on cod - fish strips strengthens the muscles of mastication, the blood flow to the gums.

Fish, in particular cod contains high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on skin and fur of the dog. It is low in cholesterol and rich in protein, containing all essential amino acids, vitamins A, D, K and the vitamin B complex and minerals calcium, copper, iodine, iron, zinc and selenium.

Like all of the dog chews Larsson farm offer, the cod-fish strips have an all-round healthy and appropriate nutrition that brings health benefits to your four-legged friends and encourages their vitality.

Cod by Larsson - Farm of course contains no sugar, no dyes, fragrances, fillers, attractants, or preservatives as well as no chemical antioxidants and no cereals. This makes the cod - fish strips suitable for allergy sufferers.

Fjorties - Schollenfilet
Size and weight:
Plaice fillet ~50 g
Cod Snack Small ~50 g
Cod Snack Large ~100 g
Cod Snack Rolls 3 Stück
Shrimp, dried 50gr
Shrimp pellets 100gr
Herring Pellets 100gr
Herring Sticks 100gr
Plaice Pellets 100gr
Plaice Sticks 100gr