GAYA Water Buffalo Horn®

The lasting chewing fun for all dogs that enjoy gnawing!

Gaya Büffel

GAYA-BUFALLO HORN® – Chew (3 sizes)

GAYA-BUFALLO HORN® as chews promotes healthy teeth and satisfies the dogs play instinct of any age and breed.

Inherently dogs have a strong need to chew. The penchant to chew and gnaw is spread over the entire species. The Gaya Buffalo Horn® satisfies this desire in a completely natural way. At the same time playfulness and relaxation don’t come too short either.

GAYA-KAUHORN® - Volles Horn
Available in following sizes:
Full Horn
Dogs up to 25 kg
Full Horn
Dogs up to 35 kg
Full Horn
Dogs up to 35 kg

GAYA-Buffalo Horn® – Horn pieces from buffalos(3 sizes)

Horn pieces from GAYA-Buffalo Horn® as Chews for cleaning teeth and satisfy the play instinct for dogs of any age and race .

Inherently dogs have a strong need to chew. The penchant for chewing and gnawing is spread over the entire species alike. The GAYA-Buffalo Horn® satisfies this desire in a completely natural way. Game drive and relaxation come by the way not too short.

GAYA-KAUHORN® - Volles Horn
Erhältlich in folgenden Größen:
Horn piece Small Dogs up to 6 kg
Horn piece Medium Dogs up to 12 kg
Horn piece Large Dogs above 12 kg

Origin & Benefits of GAYA-KAUHORN®

Original GAYA Buffalo Horn chews originate from the Asian water buffalo.

These deliver depending on the breed, diet and region, partly naturally seemingly "filled up" horns or sometimes more or less hollow horns, which can be ideally used as a chew for dogs. The Gaya Buffalo Horn® is a particularly hard, blessed with natural odor and taste acceptance, that’s where it differs from ordinary cattle horns. This is important for dogs with allergies, which can not tolerate beef products. Gaya Buffalo Horns consist of dried skin-protein Keratin. Form and consistency as well as the very special texture allow your dog a particularly tasty and long lasting enjoyment with our Gaya Buffalo Horn. The horns are carefully cleaned and gently dried to perfectly preserve the good natural characteristics. Advised by behaviorists Gaya Buffalo Horns offer an often as positive and stressed demanded playful "elaboration" of lining material. With these horns your dogs’ teeth will be taken care of and trained as a plaque-preventing and thus tartar-decreasing effect is created through the long and intensive chewing of Gaya-Buffalo Horns. The facial and jaw muscles are specifically fortified.

The different functions of the GAYA-Buffalo Horn®

The urge to chew: Disregarding age and breed, dogs naturally chew very happily and thoroughly. With young dogs a bigger urge to chew can be observed. This urge is naturally satisfied by the Gaya Buffalo Horn®. It is extremely robust and durable. With the GAYA Buffalo Horn® your four-legged friend can let loose of its urge to chew. Most family dogs receive industrial processed food, not satisfying the urge to chew at all. While the ancestors of our family dogs, wolves chew on bones of their prey, our family dog unsuccessfully searches for comparables in its bowl. The GAYA – Buffalo Horn® gives your dog back a piece of nature.

The Dental Care: What bones in the wild are to dogs, the GAYA – Buffalo Horn® is in captivity: "Natural dental care for the dog." By chewing the dog not only grates the horn smaller, but as it also plaque and tartar from his teeth. This results in healthy and strong teeth, embedded in robust and solid gums! GAYA-Buffalo Horn® is 100% natural.

Relaxation and Stress Management: Extensive chewing, gnawing and chewing on the Gaya Buffalo Horn® is pure relaxation for the dogs soul. During chewing the dog releases endorphins. A feeling of happiness arises. After a long and uninterrupted engagement with the horn the dog is therefore calm and balanced. Gladly the animal retreats to chewing on its horn after a busy day and processes what it has experienced throughout the day.

Fun and Games: The GAYA-Buffalo Horn® Horn is also ideally suited as a stable toy. The Gaya-Buffalo Horn® can be used in the garden at home as an ideal throwing toy, which is then fetched by the dog with great passion and enthusiasm. As soon as boredom threatens the dog the horn ensures pleasant activity. The dog can be slide the horn over the ground with its paws or thrown through the air with its mouth.

No matter what purpose the Buffalo Horns are ultimately used for, next to the enthusiasm of your dog you always can be sure to have the safety to be a responsible owner who uses an ecologically acceptable product. The Buffalo Horn is delivered to you just as it grew on the Water Buffalo, without plasticizers, dyes or flavors. The Gaya Horn Chews® are NOT chemically treated in any way.