Larsson's Tubelinos

100% sweet potato, free of additives!


Tubelinos – healthy sweet potatos for dogs (in slices)

feeding recommendation:

As a reward and as a training snack between meals . Please always make fresh drinking water available.

dogs up to 5 kg 2 Pieces per Day
dogs up 15 kg 3 Pieces per Day
dogs above 15 kg 4 Pieces per Day

Richest nutrient vegetables in handy 100 g pouches. Without any additives, ideal small animal food!

Sweet Potatoes are originally from South America. They were as awarded aus the moste nutritious vegetables, because they are full to bursting with nutrients and vital substances. Their impact on the health of dogs are, with regular enjoyment, phenomenal.

Is called potato, but it is none

Sweet potatoes are not really a potato and are sometimes called batata. Although they are tubers and growing in the soil, but so have the common ground with our well-known "potatoes" already nearly exhausted. The usual potatoes belong to the nightshade family, while the yam is a wind plant and is one of a very different botanical family.

Tubelinos contain many nutrients and vital substances

In the bowl of sweet potato infected a bioactive plant substance called Caiapo. In sweet potatoes also many nutrients and vital substances are present. Her pink-red to yellow-orange color owes the sweet potato certain phytochemicals such as anthocyanins and carotenoids. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that debunk free radicals and thus have a high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, in this aspect, they are even superior to the vitamin C and vitamin E. Also carotenoids belong to the group of antioxidants and can help to prevent cancer, atherosclerosis, cataracts, aging etc.. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of minerals and vitamins. Manganese, folate, copper and iron are contained abundantly in this pink tuber. Into the bargain these vitamins C, B2, B6 and E, biotin ( vitamin H ), the whole decorated with high-quality fiber - gently dried it is a great chew for our four-legged friends.

Good reasons why dogs should eat more sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes taste good

Most dogs find yams especially tasty. Whether gently dried as chew as with our " Tubelinos " or as a reward and Training Snack with fresh fish or chicken, as with our "Chickenlinos".

Sweet potatoes contain antioxidants

Sweet potatoes are unusually rich in antioxidants . They have a preventive effect against inflammation and thus to any problems that are caused by inflammation .

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber

Especially rich in fiber are sweet potatoes when they are eaten like our Tubelinos with skin. They promote a healthy digestive system and stimulate the intestinal activity.

Sweet potatoes for young and old dogs

The sweet potato is a wonderful chew for puppies and seniors. It lays a lot of folate (folic acid natural), which is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy cells.

Sweet potatoes mobilize defense forces

The vitamins and phytochemicals in the sweet potato strengthen the immune system by the way.

Sweet potatoes relieve spasms and strengthen the muscles

Sweet potatoes are also recommended for relieving muscle spasms. Potassium deficiency is common with magnesium deficiency, a major cause of cramps and muscle injuries in dogs.

Yams protect the heart of the dog

Sweet potatoes are helpful in the prevention of heart disease. Since they contain a lot of potassium, sweet potatoes can preventively fight the occurrence of heart problems in dogs. Potassium also ensures a healthy regulation of electrolyte and fluid balance of the dogs body. In this manner, the blood pressure is stabilized, and the heart functions are regulated.

Sweet potatoes are Stress Killer

Sweet potatoes are quite helpful if the dog is suffering from stress-related symptoms. The dog's body tends to use up large amounts of potassium and other important minerals when he is under stress. Sweet potatoes fill the body stocks back up with active and bioavailable anti-stress minerals, so that the organism draw in the next stressful situation again from a solid and tackle every problem.

Sweet potatoes , according to CSPI the most nutritious vegetables

The "Center for Science in the Public Interest" (CSPI) called the sweet potato as the most nutritious vegetables at all. The sweet potato was given the rating by the CSPI 184 points for its balanced nutrients and vital substance wealth. In order for the sweet potato tops the list of the healthiest vegetables well behind in. So the second healthiest vegetables (potato) received only 83 points.