Larsson's Soft Snacks

The gluten, cereal and sugar-free snacks!

Soft Snack Series: Knuties & Benties (14 varieties)

Training Snacks with optimized compatibility for allergic- and lining sensitive dogs

This Snack Series is gluten-free, grain free and with no added sugar. This improves digestibility for dogs with allergies and food sensitivity. They are also ideally suited for puppies and seniors and the ideal reward during training.

Whether Stroll in the park or in intense dog training with coach. Your Dog will love our snacks! Full taste with maximum digestibility, these 2 factors make Larsson Farm 's soft Snacks to one of our bestsellers. Because of the many different varieties you can put together the perfect training snack mix for your food bag and expand at will.

Our recommendation: ry on any occasion in the taste of reward - your dog will feel the difference!

Knuties – Potato snacks for dogs

Knuties, dog snack based on potato. The tastes of cheese, venison, salmon and horse were attached to the snack in perfect proportion to the share of potato, so that your dog will converge mouth water even with the smell of these treats. Through this potato-based snack this variant is particularly gentle. The KNÖL-Mix additionally contains, besides the known types of cheese & Hirsch, varieties of wild and duck.

Benties – Meat snacks for dogs

Our meat-based dog snacks come in bone shape. They are particularly suitable for the daily dog training, which can also be a bit more strenuous for the dog. Our meat variant is distinguished by its intense fragrance which all dogs like right away, and the desire for the snacks increases. By varieties rabbit, venison, duck, goose and antlers, we cover a wide range of flavors from which (except for antlers ) are all included in our KÖTT-Mix.

Knuties – cube Meat snacks for dogs

Knuties Cube in the Limited Edition - the unique training bag from Larsson. These snacks are gluten-free, grain-free and with no added sugar. Freeze-drying is the best of the best when it comes to preserving food. Our freeze-dried chews are gently cooked and the freeze-drying process takes place at very low temperature. The product is thereby deprived of water only. All other ingredients, nutrients and taste are fully preserved. Of course, no chemical additives and preservatives are needed.

Soft Snacks Knuties & Benties
Available in the following varieties:
Potato appetizers
(Cheese, Deer, Duck und Venison)
Meat snacks
(Rabbit, Venison, Duck, Goose)
Antler flour

(150 g per Package)

Knuties cube
Limited Edition
Chicken sweet potato
Fish sweet potato
Fish carrot

(100 g per Package)

Soft Snack Series: PUR Sticks(8 varieties)

PUR Sticks - pure enjoyment for your dog!

The PUR Sticks by Larsson Farm are 100% natural and free from additives. Due to the high quality standards of production, special freshness is guaranteed. This can be dispensed with the addition of preservatives. Your dog will love these PUR Sticks - pleasure without regrets! In the particularly gentle production the flavor of the single ingredients remains almost completely contained and your dog will be attracted to the natural odor. The addition of flavor enhancers is thus also completely unnecessary.

PUR Sticks - Hirsch
Available in the following varieties:
PUR Sticks Deer PUR
Kangaroo PUR
Lamb PUR
Salmon PUR
Chicken PUR
Beef PUR
Rabbit PUR
Duck PUR

(50 g per Package)