Larsson's Meat Snacks

Dried meat for dogs!

Meat Snack Series: Nugties, Flipties, Stickties & Jerkties (9 varieties)

All dogs love chew-snacks

Pure Fleischeslust promise our Meat snacks from 100% pure meat. tasty meat - nuggets from lamb, deer, poultry or rabbit can be found in our assortment just as our Flipties, the popular pulmonary bite of lamb and beef.

Purely Dried meat of beef are processed at our famous Jerkties, The special Chews for all dogs. Fine processed meat strips of lamb and beef, gently dried in the oven, see our trade name Stickties.

Nugties - Lamb-Nuggets

Pressed reward snack 100% lamb, pressed in a practical form. These Nuggets are the small snack between meals. Like all Larsson - Snacks the Nugties are also free from any additives and preservatives.

Nugties - Venison-Nuggets

Strong reward snack from 100% wild, pressed in practical square form, ideal during training. Like all Larsson - Snacks the Nugties are also free from any additives and preservatives.

Nugties - Poultry-Nuggets

The poultry Nugties consist of 100% pure poultry. Pressed into practical nuggets form, the small tasty snack between meals. Your dog will love these chew without additives.

Nugties - Rabbit-Nuggets

100 % rabbit pressed into practical form. The ideal training and reward snack. Larsson Farm Nugties are produced free from any additives and preservatives. The Nuggets are intended as a small snack between meals or as a reward.

Flipties - Lamb (lamb lung)

Our popular lung bite of lamb is carefully prepared to ensure a healthy change in the dogs feeding. Without suitable additives and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Flipties - beef (bovine lung)

Rindlunge, schonend getrocknet, als Zwischenmahlzeit oder zur Belohnung. Der naturnahe Kauspaß für Hunde jeden Alters.

Stickties - Lamm (Lamb chopsticks)

Fine strips of meat from the lamb. Air-dried and without additives. Ideal for all dog breeds

Stickties - Beef (beef sticks)

100 % tender beef strips in the form - This snack for dogs has proved to be particularly popular.

Jerkties - Beef (beef jerky)

100 % beef jerky . Especially long-lasting chewing fun Suitable intensely meaty for all dogs , also for puppies and seniors.

Nugties - Lamb-Nuggets
Size and weight:
Nugties - Lamb ~200 g
Nugties - Venison ~200 g
Nugties - Poultry ~200 g
Nugties - Rabbit ~200 g
Nugties - Rumen ~200 g
Nugties - Horse ~200 g
Flipties - Lamb ~200 g
Flipties - Beef ~200 g
Stickties - Lamb ~100 g
Stickties - Beef ~100 g
Jerkties - Beef ~200 g