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Larsson-Farm , the range for the pet trade in natural snacks and Treats for the high demands of man and dog

Since the founding of the brand "Larsson Farm" we do assume responsibility for humans and animals as well as their high demands to the assortment in stores. Out of that results our research, thinking and action for selected, natural and valuable quality snack- and reward products for dogs. Therefore, our products convince the enlightened customers at the POS through purity and quality. First, as an additional brand of Hommerscher Mühle GmbH , now as an independent company in the Family Network of Wagner`s Pet Product Group.

We, the employees of the brand "Larsson farm" see ourselves as a partner to the trade and as a provider of health-promoting and health-conserving dog snacks and treats in highest premium segment.. Oriented to the preferences and needs of customers as well as of their four-legged friends, therefore determine superficial quality, natural raw materials and varied recipes on a purely natural basis our assortment.

It is our goal to close a supply gap with our naturally produced Chews for Dogs. The focus is mainly aiming for healthy animals and satisfied customers.

Promoting the unique friendship between humans and dogs is our ultimate goal.

Antler chew of Larsson – a milestone in canine nutrition.

We did a quantum leap in the species-appropriate feeding for dogs with our antler chew , whose strong selling success can be traced back to our displays in the specialized trade. These were successfully completed by chew horns and chew roots . In many years of cooperation with nutritionists , we succeeded in 2014 to develop a successful, high-quality premium snack which is gently freeze-dried prepared.

For us, aproven quality as well as natural ingredients and eco-conscious, careful preparation is crucial for valuable Snacks and thus a species-appropriate nutrition. For this reason, we count with larsson farm on selected raw materials of highest quality and their secured origin.

Fine Print ingredients and "gobbledygook" will not be found on our packaging. Of course, our snack packaging explains the ingredients, their origin and the benefit for the animal, monolingual and easy to read.

Meat and fish, the most important main constituents of our new snacks, we have dedicated our special attention. To achieve the best quality , we purchase our raw materials from suppliers who set the highest standards of quality and international standards.

The processing of our ingredients is carried out exclusively according to the latest methods and the nutrients are dealt with extra gently technologies. We produce without artificial additives ,only with all the healthy from nature.

The result of our successful work are convincing products, healthy and vital animals and high customer satisfaction. See for yourself!

Our love for the dogs and all other animals also exclude animal experiments categorically. Becdause we use only natural raw materials in food quality, such as fresh meat, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables or herbs, animal testing is unnecessary.

We go without chemical additives, chemical preservatives and other artificial additives such as colorings, flavorings or aromas. We process no carcass meal and no corn and soybean protein and guarantee consistent checks of the agricultural and premises of the producer.

If you also want to the most natural and best Chews to offer your customers in the future , then please e-mail our sales team (with trade license).

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