Larsson's Yeti Dog Chew

From the roof of the world, the Himalayas!


Yeti Dog Chew (6 sizes)

From the roof of the world, the Himalayas, comes one of the most unusual chews for dogs

All dogs love cheese. Unfortunately, the proportion of saturated fatty acids in traditional cheeses such as Gouda or Edeammer is much too high. Canadian researchers have found a way out of this dilemma a few years ago. In addition to the numerous variants exist a lean cheese in Europe so far rather unknown alternative: cheese from the milk of yaks, a widespread cattle breed, especially in Central Asia. The scientists have Yak cheese compared to conventional cheeses. The latter is made from cow's milk and has about 48 percent fat in dry matter.

More heart- healthy fats from yak milk

The team from the University of Guelph in Ontaria / Canda noted that the cheese produced from yak milk contains far more heart healthy fats such as linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acid in comparison with the counterpart from cow's milk. One reason is the diet of the yaks, who live mainly in the high-altitude rocky steppes of the Himalayas.

Fat content below 1%

Larsson 's Yeti Dog Chew comes from Nepal. It is particularly hard and almost odorless. The fat content is below 1%. This low fat content makes the Yeti Dog Chew especially digestible for dogs. Yeti Dog Chew is about five times harder than Parmesan, making it a valuable and long-lasting chewing pleasure.

Yeti Dog Chew from Larsson Farm is natural , gluten-free and grain-free and free of dyes and preservatives

Dog snacks - Yeti Dog Chew
Available in the following sizes:
Yeti Dog Chew I: dogs up to 7 kg
Yeti Dog Chew II: dogs up to 16 kg
Yeti Dog Chew III: dogs up to 25 kg
Yeti Dog Chew IV: dogs up to 30 kg
Yeti Dog Chew V: dogs up to 35 kg
Yeti Dog Chew VI: dogs above 35 kg