Dolle Knolle Chew-Root

The dental care chewing Fun, for all dog breeds available!

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Dolle Knolle – tree heath chew root for Dogs(5 Sizes)

Larsson heath tree roots are immediately accepted by most dogs

Chew-roots are obtained from the root of Mediterranean heath trees. These are very robust and do not splinter. The roots of these special heath trees are ecologically correct harvested and processed by hand, into the form of several different sizes to fit each dog breed. Depending on your dogs chewing activity, the "Dolle Knolle" lasts three to six months. In this time the dogs gradually grate small fibres off the root. The consistency of these gnawed fibres become rubbery, swallowed fibres are excreted undigested but in a natural way.

They offer many advantages such as:

  • It's Ideal for a natural and healthy dental care
  • Naturally und absolutely non-poisonous
  • No increase in weight
  • Suitable for all breeds, because there are
    different sizes available.
  • Month long chew-fun

Dolle Knolle - Kauwurzel
Available in the following sizes:
Dolle Knolle XS 50-124 g
Dolle Knolle S 125-249 g
Dolle Knolle M 250-449 g
Dolle Knolle L 450-699 g
Dolle Knolle XL 700-1000 g

Gorilla Chew Roots – coffee chew roots for Dogs (4 Sizes)

Larsson Gorilla Chew Roots are made of elaborate sandblasted coffee burl

The Gorilla Chew Roots are particularly solide, durable and without sharp edges. The Gorilla Chew Roots offer the advantage that the wood used is not bonded in place, does not stain and there are no unpleasant odors from soaking through the saliva. Chewing has been proven to reduce the formation of plaque. Chew Roots are the natural alternative to conventional plastic toys.

They offer many advantages such as e.g.:

  • Ideal for natural dental care
  • natural and absolutely non-toxic
  • no weight gain
  • suitable for all breeds, as
    available in various sizes
  • chewing fun for months

Gorilla - Kauholz
Available in the following sizes:
Gorilla Chew Root XS 110 - 140 g
Gorilla Chew Root S 280 - 350 g
Gorilla Chew Root M 490 - 600 g
Gorilla Chew Root L 800 - 950 g
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